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PDESG (Private, Decentralized, Environmental, Social, Governance)
Iraic Bank SE is directed towards sustainable development in all aspects of its activities. Bank’s operations are based on the PDESG (Private, Decentralized, Environmental, Social, Governance) approach.

Bank’s responsible approach in all business practices provides the basis for sustainable development of our clients and us. Bank promotes and participates in processes of change, both as a public educator and a source of funding for various initiatives and projects.

Issues of environmental conservation, social responsibility and effective governance are of great importance for the business environment and society as a whole. In addition, a responsible business approach creates a competitive advantage: it generates new business opportunities and opens up new markets, while expanding the circle of customers and strengthening the brand.

Bank is aware that its success is closely linked to the well-being and prosperity of society. That is why it is important for us to work with partners that support sustainable development in their work. Bank provides an attractive, fair, safe and healthy working environment for its employees.

In its operations, Iraic Bank SE follows the principles aimed at saving resources and energy as well as climate neutrality. We not only ensure that our clients earn capital income but also care for the environment and social welfare now and in the future.
Bank’s environmental policy has been drawn up with reference to Resolution 70/1, Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by the United Nations General Assembly. Bank is committed to:

  • Incorporate sustainability into Bank’s business practices and ensure compliance with the principles laid down in international and national regulations on environmental protection;
  • Integrate environmental factors into business decision-making;
  • In financing investment projects give preference to projects aimed at preserving the environment and sustainable development;
  • Facilitate more efficient use of natural resources and promote the use of eco-friendly technologies in Bank’s operations.

Iraic Bank SE is part of the society in which it operates and is aware of its responsibility towards various groups of society. These include our employees, clients and partners as well as the general public. Bank supports social projects, initiates and manages them, participates in events of public significance, and fosters the creation and passing on to future generations of the world cultural, artistic and literary values.

We also facilitate new job creation by financing the emergence of new companies and we care about the well-being of Bank’s employees, as engaging employees in our shared goals is a key driver of sustainable development. Competence, motivation and knowledge of our colleagues form Bank’s competitiveness now and determine our future potential.

Iraic Bank SE pays special attention to compliance with the principles of corporate governance, building open and trust-based communication with Bank’s clients, partners, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders as well as ensuring compliance with the norms of the world and international laws and ethical standards.

Good corporate governance means an efficient and transparent governance system, a good reputation and the fight against corruption. The principles of corporate governance anticipate:
  • Clear division of duties and responsibilities between Bank’s shareholders, Supervisory Board and Management Board and compliance with these principles and rights;
  • Compliance with Bank’s corporate values ​​(responsibility, commitment, conciseness, transparency and teamwork) in day-to-day activities;
  • Process of preparing clear, accurate and reliable reports on Bank’s operations;
  • Identification of operational risks and their management;
  • Management and limitation of possible interest conflicts;
  • Fair, safe and healthy working conditions;
  • Relevant qualifications of members of the Management Board and senior officials involved in making significant decisions related to Bank’s operations; the selection process, powers and system of remuneration of employees that serve the long-term interests of Bank and provide the necessary knowledge, experience and competence.

Iraic Bank SE has defined principles to action in several aspects related to corporate governance. They cover tax matters, non-discrimination of employees and safety at work, human rights and anti-corruption issues, and Bank’s relationship with suppliers.

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